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The SureCoat Roof System is setting the standard for roof coatings world-wide! Are you looking for a solution to the constant headache of traditional commercial roofing systems and industrial roofing systems? Then it's time to switch to the only fluid applied system that is waterproof from surface to substrate. Our innovative chemistry makes it impossible for the sun’s UV rays to bake the energy-saving and waterproofing attributes out of the SureCoat Roof System's coatings. With continuous bonding ability, the SureCoat roof material adheres to all clean, prepared substrates without a separate primer or base coat. The SureCoat Roof System has a high solid content producing 10.426 dry mils per gallon.

As the SureCoat Roof System material wears, the same white surface is always visible to do the job of protecting the building from the harsh elements, as well as animal fats, pollutants, chemicals and other destructive exposures. See Engineering Specification for details.

The SureCoat Roof System has excellent adhesion and provides protection for all types of existing roof systems and materials including foam, metal, steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, polyurethane foams, fiberglass, all types of BUR, asphalt granulated cap sheet, EPDM, hypalon, PVC, textile fabric and masonry.

The SureCoat Roof System is the only single-component, epoxy-hybrid, elastomeric, roof systems that is seamless and waterproof. The SureCoat Roof Systems are environmentally friendly and exceed all California's cool roof requirements, with some of the strictest regulations nation wide. SureCoat Systems' roof coatings are not just another brand of roof paint! A SureCoat Roof System has a manufacturer’s written warranty that covers PONDING conditions on flat roofs and low sloped roofs. We are able to do this because our coatings are waterproof (perm rating of less than 1). The SureCoat Roof System is "Engineered for Excellence!"

We offer simply the best "cool roof" options in the industry. To meet your specific need there are 3 SureCoat Cool Roof Systems available: Cool Roof Conversion, Cool Roof Restoration and Solar Ready Cool Roof.
Cool Roof Conversion: 2/gal per square for a minimum of 20 dry mils of coating per square to achieve a Title 24 compliant cool roof including CRRC rated values of 86% reflectivity and 88% thermal emissivity equaling a total Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 108. A Cool Roof Conversion system is perfect for the roof that is in sound condition but lacks the energy saving values necessary to emit heat and reflect the sun and its UV rays. It only takes 2 gallons per square (100 sq. ft.) of SureCoat roof coating for a lasting Cool Roof Conversion that is Title 24 compliant. To achieve a "cool roof" with Energy Star Approval (Title 24 in California) and meet these minimum performance requirements a minimum of 20 dry mils is required. The beauty of SureCoat is two-fold:
  1. SureCoat is manufactured to be over 60% solids and not diluted with water. You can achieve 20 dry mils in just 2 gallons per 100 square feet with SureCoat vs. 3-5 gallons of other reflective coatings or paints.
  2. SureCoat retains its Energy Star and CRRC values. The CRRC’s independent testing has proven that even at 3 years aged and dirty, SureCoat’s values remain intact. Any reflectivity lost (only up to 5% after 3 years) is regained by a simple cleaning.
Cool Roof Restoration: 4/gal per square for a minimum of 40 dry mils of coating per square with fabric embedded (additional 9-11 mils) for a total dry mils of 49-51 throughout the roof field – 10 year material warranty that includes leak coverage in ponding areas on a flat/low-slope roof. This system achieves all the CRRC and Energy Star values listed above for the SureCoat Cool Roof Conversion.

Solar Ready Cool Roof:
6/gal per square for a minimum of 60 dry mils of coating per square with fabric embedded (additional 9-11 mils) for a total dry mils of 69-71 throughout the roof field – 15 year material warranty that includes leak coverage in ponding areas on a flat/low-slope roof. System designed to be compatible with the life expectancy of roof-mount solar panels/tubes.* This system achieves all the CRRC and Energy Star values listed above for the SureCoat Cool Roof Conversion.
*There are other SureCoat Solar Ready Cool Roof systems available upon request, compatible to the life expectancy of other solar systems.


Both the SureCoat Cool Roof Restoration and Solar Ready Cool Roof systems can be assessed, cleaned and top-coated in the last year of warranty coverage to renew their warranty for an additional period of time. The warranty continues to be renewable at the end of each warranty period for as long as the building is in use. A Cool Roof Conversion can be cleaned and later converted into a roof system that includes a ponding water warranty by adding coating and fabric to the existing SureCoat roof. A SureCoat roof never has to be torn off and replaced, making it a Truly Environmentally Friendly Roof!


Disclaimer: All mentioned SureCoat Roof Systems are based on an estimated coverage rate for the average aged BUR with moderate abrasion and leaks. Actual application specifications for roofs must be recommended by SureCoat Systems if a warranty is being requested. 


Installation-Full Recondition or Repair, Maintenance

The SureCoat Roof System is a single component, epoxy-balanced monolithic, elastomeric, waterproof, cool roof liquid, applied membrane that is easily installed by certified installers, without special, expensive equipment. Call and find out how to become an Approved Contractor SureCoat Roof System installer 877/823-7873.

The SureCoat Roof System adheres to every type of existing roof surface and is self-flashing. Additional penetrations are easily touched up with The SureCoat Roof System and will bond into the seamless membrane without delaminating. The SureCoat Roof System is the last roof a building will ever need.

The SureCoat Roof System used on repairs will bond into a full reconditioning system at a later time. This is the only “add on” liquid applied, Title 24 compliant system with a renewable warranty that covers ordinary ponding conditions on flat and low slope roofs.

Due to the continuous bonding properties of The SureCoat Roof System, repairs done with SCRS material can be incorporated into a full system at a later time. Since the SureCoat Roof System material does not get brittle, split, checker or crack like mastics, the repair dollars spent on the roof are not wasted on mastics or other temporary repairs, while waiting for a roof budget to be approved.

Routine maintenance using The SureCoat Roof System helps extend the life cycle of a roof. The SureCoat Roof System is perfect in drain and waterway areas, at penetrations, skylights, equipment curbs, ponding areas and seams that are separating. This waterproof Cool Roof Compliant, UV resistant coating can add several seasons to a roof that only has issues in these areas. This will allow time for a roof budget to be put in to place without having to respond to emergency leaks that destroy ceilings, walls, carpet and furniture. Call and find out more about the versatile uses of The SureCoat Roof System.

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