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The SureCoat Roof System was developed by our chemists after years of frustration with water intrusion on flat and low slope roofs. It has now been revolutionized for RVs (including your recreational vehicle,, travel trailer, toy trailer and car trailer) infused with nano technology and cross-linked resins that bite into the surface of your RV roof making a seamless monolithic membrane that is impervious to water! You can only get The SureCoat RV Roof System here at SureCoat Systems! With over 25 years experience in the industry, The SureCoat RV Roof System is the only SURE way to waterproof your RV with style, confidence and peace of mind in having a leak free roof!.


SureCoat is a flexible, high solid, single component, waterproof, fluid applied roof coating that is water based and moisture cured.  SureCoat is specially engineered for low slope and flat roofs like an RV roof including, flat polyurethane foam roofs (SPF), metal roofing and EPDM roofs. The high solid content of 80% provides a thick, flexible, self-adhered and self-flashing seamless membrane that is resistant to animal fats, most chemicals, pollutants and discourages bird life damage. It is a Super VOC compliant coating at 1gram per liter. This cross linked, epoxy hybrid, polymer coating has a perm rating of .0025. SureCoat is engineered to withstand continuous immersion under water for up to 30 days when installed per specification and properly cured. High grade Tio2 with Nano particles are used to produce higher reflectivity and better cleaning. The highest grades of raw materials are used including four proprietary modified acrylic and epoxy resins. This increases durability and adhesion compared to standard rubber roof coatings, acrylic roof coatings and urethane roof coatings. It is used to restore, repair, and protect all types of existing roof systems including those that pond water. Title 24 compliant. Additional certifications are pending.

SureCoat Poly-Mesh

SureCoat Poly-Mesh is used for additional tensile strength and is recommended for all flat roof applications. SureCoat Poly-Mesh is a unique woven polyester mesh of uniform thickness with voids large enough for saturation. This allows the base coat of a SureCoat or Sure-a-Thane application to penetrate through and bond to the topcoat. The finished product is a high tensile strength roof system without any cold joints or delamination. SureCoat Poly-Mesh is a soft flexible material that contours to the roof, around penetrations, curbs, transitions and other roof equipment for easy reinforced repairs and full restorations. Other added benefits of SureCoat Poly-Mesh are: 1) the labor savings; 2) the material cost savings because the poly-mesh absorbs the coating much better than other fabrics used in roof systems. Therefore, it takes less coating to make the SureCoat Poly-Mesh lay down on roof surfaces.


SureSkrub is a fresh smelling, biodegradable cleaner made to clean and etch existing roof materials, especially those with an existing membrane. SureSkrub is used prior to the application of the SureCoat products in The SureCoat RV Roof System. SureSkrub is used to remove the UV degradation of factory applied glaze or dirt, and to etch the surface properly to insure excellent adhesion of the SureCoat roof coating. Special equipment is not necessary to use SureSkrub or any of the SureCoat RV Roof System products.

SureSkrub can be used on anything from car engines to concrete floors. SureSkrub is a quick and effective cleaner and etching detergent that can be used right out of the bottle or it can be diluted to appropriate ratios for different surface cleanings. SureSkrub can even be used to remove old mastic repairs from your RV roof. Dilute and pour on roof or other surface, agitate with a brush, broom or scrubber until the dirt is picked up in the cleaner, let it sit for 15-20 minutes agitate again and rinse. It is that simple. SureSkrub is also used to maintain existing SureCoat Roof Systems to keep them bright white and highly reflective. High profile buildings such as the South Coast Air Quality Management District and other large properties with solar panels, are common facilities that utilize the sustainable energy savings of a SureCoat Roof System by having their roofs cleaned every 18 months to 3 years.
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